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Week Eight: Michael Alberda

This week I’m down at the GM Milford in building 70 with with Chris, Pat, and Alex. When I first got to Milford I had the site and safety orientation at the safety trailer. The first day I was down here I learned how to do labor tracking, and learned how to complete daily reports, and learned how to fill out the daily safety observation process cards (SOP). Chris taught me how to update meeting minutes and set up the three week look ahead. On Thursday I shadowed Pat Powers he showed me the way around the Milford proving grounds so I wouldn’t get lost when I actually drove in by myself, and learned what he does on a day to day basis the first thing we did was go to home depot to get supplies for different laborers, then I went to the kick off meeting for building 104. on Friday last week Chris and I had to print out two sets of drawings for Alex and James for building 70 renovations we printed one 18 X 24 and one 11 X 17 set. After that we all met in the accounting trailer before we started gardening. When we got to the garden the first thing we did was help thin out the sunflowers and re planted them in another plot, we also helped organize behind the shed and threw away all of the garbage that was stored behind there. for lunch we had a taco truck come cater for us, it was very good. after lunch Travis, Paulina, Steve, and I  helped set up for the tea party on Saturday.

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