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Dylan Cook- July Shutdown

This past week was pretty busy for the most part up in Pontiac. Being shutdown there was a lot of work going on across the Pontiac Powertrain campus. We had crews working on concrete and asphalt paving jobs repairing numerous sections of parking lot as well as curb. Ideal also had roofing contractors working on Building C. Tuesday started off with a safety meeting following the 4th of July weekend. On Thursday I visited the other Dylan at the Warren Tech Center. It was cool to see the various jobs that they had going on there including the tunnel repair job. I spent the day there with him and Gus, as well as getting to know some other people who are a part of the PDPM process including Mike and Lynn, who do a number of accounting and administrative work. I have been working on my presentation PowerPoint and outline, getting information together and organizing it. This will be an interesting week as my mentor Joe N. is out of the office. I will be working with the Project Engineers who are here as well, who a few years ago were in my same shoes as an intern.

This week ended with the realization that this is in fact a small world after all. Long time family friends of my parents live on a lake that was putting off fireworks this past Saturday. While there with my family I ran into Travis George, who has lived across the street from them for a long time. The time there and watching the fireworks on their boat was a good end to a good week.

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