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Week 7 Blog — Tony Saucedo

I am honored to publish the first intern blog of July.

Employees on the job site are often granted a company vehicle, like a pick-up truck, for a certain time period so that they can fulfill their job duties.  They must abide by all safety protocols in order for them to operate any motor vehicle because operating any company machinery or motor vehicles is a privilege, not a right. I sat down with safety and purchasing colleagues to revise and edit the current vehicle safety policy.  Due to my lack of experience, I was not able to contribute much to the discussion but what I like about attending these important meetings is that it gives me a feel for what a professional meeting is like, so that I am ready to lead them in the future. Open communication is highly advised, and meticulousness matters.  Ultimately, the highest and most important objective of the company is for every employee to get home to their families safely after a job well done. As Nick Luxon said during the first intern meeting last May, some companies operate on the basis of profits; Ideal Contracting LLC runs on safety, period. No excuses!

Another highlight of the week had to do with rental invoices. This is a standard practice for purchasing: After invoices have been put into the system once, we go back and record the network and activity numbers (given to us from a template on SAP) and record it onto the invoice in pen for our reference.
Happy Independence Day to all. Remember to be safe, grill the burgers just right, and wave those American flags proudly.
PS: If you have not already, check out this video update of the Ft. Wayne project. This is where we interns were last week: Ft. Wayne BMC-Ideal Video

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