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Happy Fourth of July! -Paulina Torres

These 8 weeks working at the Tech Center feels like it has only been two weeks! It has been pretty busy out here, especially because the July Shutdown is just a few hours away. This week there has been a lot of meetings/discussions regarding the shutdown. The Steam Plant will shutdown at midnight tonight, and the upcoming two weeks are going to be pretty hectic. There will be a lot of maintenance going on in the Steam Plant. I am pretty excited to see the amount of work that will get accomplished. As always, I have my camera in hand to keep track of everything that goes on out in the plant.

Friday of last week, I went over to the PDPM trailer. Jon Hautau showed me around and introduced me to everyone there. Earlier this week, I went out to lunch with Dylan Yore and Travis George. Although Travis couldn’t stop over to our trailer, it was still pretty cool that he got to shadow over at PDPM and have lunch with Dylan and me. Throughout the rest of the week I learned how to archive, and  input dailies onto Contract Manager. 

The Steam Break Room Renovations are starting this upcoming Tuesday. I went out and took some pictures of how the steam break room looks now. I also created a layout on Blue Beam and signage that shows the access and egress routes within the break room, so that the workers know. This project will give me the opportunity to have an active management role, to make sure that we receive all materials onsite as needed per the schedule as well as coordinate the trades.

I hope that everyone has a great and safe holiday with their loved ones! HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY 🙂 

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