Chris Kuenzer: Block Wall Demo

I had the opportunity to help demo a wall on Tuesday, which is way harder than it looks. The wall first needs to be cut with a saw, to ensure that you don’t break any blocks that are to remain. After it is cut, a sledge hammer or jack hammer is used to break apart the blocks, and then the crumbled pieces are shoveled into a bin and taken out to the dumpster. We could only fill the bin a quarter of the way full; otherwise it gets too heavy to manage. At building 70 this week, we are planning to finish framing the new walls and soffits, get door frames put in, and finish the demo and infill of the CMU block walls. Besides that, Ensroth has started hanging their ductwork, and Mattic has started to rough in the electrical on the East end of the building. Ideal took out several of the old doors and windows to the garage, and is filling them in with block. Once each opening is filled, the carpenters fur-out the wall, which means that they put up studs right next to the wall, so that drywall can be attached later.

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