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Chris Kuenzer: Third Week at Milford

Work has been going pretty smoothly at Building 70 for the past few days, however, we had to move our desks yesterday to let the guys from Master Craft pull up the carpet and grind off the glue in our make-shift office area. We are almost completely done with framing and floor grinding, and we are starting to work on the CMU walls and the mud beds in the bathrooms. The electricians and plumbers are still pulling cables and installing new copper piping. We received three shipments since my last blog post; two of the shipments were the steel for our lintels, countertop supports, and partition supports. The last shipment was an entire semi-truck full of ductwork for Ensroth, and they will most likely begin installing it later this week.

Tomorrow, I will be working from the main office, as we will be leaving for our intern site visit in Fort Wayne, Indiana right after work. We will be going to see the new construction of the GM Fort Wayne Assembly Plant. We have to be at the job site first thing in the morning on Thursday to go through orientation, and then we will get a tour and see what they are currently working on. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some pictures and post them on Friday. From what I hear, it’s a very interesting job, and I’m excited to go see it with my fellow interns!

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