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Week 6: Paulina Torres

This week I attended a July Shutdown meeting with Ideal, GM, JEG, and Superior Electric to discuss the work that will be done throughout this time frame. Aside from getting maintenance work done in the Steam Plant, my team and everyone else involved will take advantage of this plant shutdown to get any work done that is necessary to install and pipe the new boilers. I also went to a meeting that involved discussions pertaining the 3D model of the Steam Plant. It is essential to have the 3D model accurately depict the intended design for coordination purposes. The importance of these meetings is to make sure that everyone is in the loop of what is going on to result in a successful project.
I’ve been doing a lot of walkthroughs with my team, GM, JEG and Superior Electric to discuss issues that may arise throughout the project. These walkthroughs have helped me get very familiar of where each equipment sits. When I go out on my own to check on the G-Comply checklists or take photos, and I have any questions, the field guys are always willing to help.
I will be involved with the renovation on the Steam Break Area in the Steam Plant, which will start on June 27th. I am in the process of getting familiar with it and all of the changes that it will go through. As always, I will be taking pictures for documentation. What really excites me about this particular project is that I will be able to see it from start to finish.
On another note, below is a picture of the new chiller (green) and old chiller (orange) in the Chiller Plant. Chillers 1 & 2 (2 being shown) have a net capacity of 2759 tons.

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