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Week 5 Blog — Tony Saucedo

Another successful, educational, action-packed week is in the books. I tried my best to approach this week the way I ought to approach every week: with a positive attitude and great enthusiasm. Everybody who works out of building C tends to have a positive, energetic attitude towards work; it is contagious, and can help make the day productive.

One crucial principle to maintain here at Ideal is our image. Dave Miller and I talk about image all the time. If Ideal’s image looks flawed: that is, if equipment is left outside the warehouse, or if there are nasty weeds and patches of crabgrass everywhere, then the company will have a tough time attracting new business. That is why one of my assignments consisted of some landscaping. I used hedge sheers, the pruning lopper, and weed whacker to cut some of the remaining weeds and tall crabgrass along the fence. We will then pour huge loads of Round-Up to finish the job.

The rest of the week included more asset tracking and reporting, as well as a few sit down training sessions for posting materials and consumables with Dave. I will complete a few consumables reports starting Monday around 10 AM, once all PMs approve and return the billing transactions to me. Finally, I sat in during Linda’s training session on Union Contracts this morning. I learned a lot from this event, as I was able to relate some of the things she discussed with the Union work I did with her a few weeks ago.  I look forward to more learning, productiveness, enthusiasm, and high energy next week at Ideal

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