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Dylan Yore – Week Five WTC

This week has been eventful. I have been flustered, amazed, and filled with immense joy all in one week. Toward the beginning of the week I spent hours and hours sitting at the desk creating a drawing on AutoCad. I persevered, learned from my mistakes, and ultimately finsihed with a product to be proud of!

Toward the middle of the week Spent the entire day on our tunnel job finishing concrete, condensing material, and hand digging. I enjoy working with our Laborers. Jose and Darren make me feel welcome and do their best to test my knowledge and correct me if I am wrong.  This is a control joint with a water stop. A control joint is placed between slabs to CONTROL the cracking of concrete which is inevitable. The water stop is placed to STOP the water from seeping into the joint of our tunnel. The vertical rebar you see is a dowel. A hole is drilled into concrete and a dowel is placed inside of it so when a new slab is poured, they have something connecting them preventing the slabs from moving apart.

Rob pictured above, is a concrete finisher who works for Barton Malow. He is seen here finishing our cap with the Bull Float.Now I am pleased to explain why I was filled with immense joy this week. My mentor Gus Cerku has been with Barton Malow for 40 years as of today. It has been a blessing to be Gus’ intern. He and a great role model, an awesome teacher and an even better friend. To celebrate his 40th year at Barton Malow, we threw a surprise party for him. I personally trashed our office! It is amazing here at the WTC. We are one big family and everybody is here for everybody.

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