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Chris Kuenzer: Second Week at Milford

On Friday last week, we had a conference call with all of the interns to check in and explain a little bit about the topic we each want to cover for our presentation at the end of the summer. It was great to hear about what everyone has been doing, and we got a few more details about the site visit to Fort Wayne which I am pretty excited for. After the conference call, I went back to work at Building 70 and helped Alex with some DCR’s (Document Clarification Requests) and a few other things. Ideal had a cookout for lunch, and the weather was perfect for it. The cookout was a way for Ideal to thank its employees for their dedication to safety, as safety is the top priority for us on a job site.

Today, I will be updating the DCR log, and helping to prepare for our weekly meeting by updating the meeting minutes and the three week look ahead. The subs from Mastercraft are starting their work today, which includes prepping the floors for new carpet by pulling up the old vinyl and grinding off the glue that it leaves behind. Besides that, the Ideal guys just finished framing the walls for the conference rooms and kitchen, and the plumbers are still working on the bathrooms.

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