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Week 3 Dylan Cook

This was another week of learning for me out in Pontiac. I have been getting more accustom to the PDPM process and the steps needed to successfully complete a project from first getting a Request for Quote to walking the job, getting quotes from subs and writing them contracts and finally handing off the project to one of the Superintendents at the trailer. I had my first walk trough this morning, but it was cut short for me due to the conference call the interns had to make. The job is to place and install a large piece of equipment in one of the large design/testing facilities. This job requires a lot of effort as it is a very large piece of equipment. There will have to be a lot of removing and replacing piping, ductwork and other mechanical stuff just to get it in.
I have been getting out and seeing the progress of the various jobs including a bathroom remodel at the Pontiac powertrain campus. I just got back from the Orion Assembly plant were we have a few jobs going on. The one we visited was the installation of a 5,000 Gallon acid tank, which empty weighs over 6 tons. That was a big logistical issue that the field guys and superintendents had to work out as it was so big and the clearance in the building is so small. They had to remove and will then replace piping just to get it into place.

I am looking forward to the Ft. Wayne trip the interns are taking next week to see a large concrete pour at an Ideal Job down there.

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