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Warren Tech Center Week Two – Dylan Yore

This week at the WTC (Warren Tech Center) was very eventful. I got to sit in on a number of meetings and witness first hand how our Project Managers and Superintendents work with Architects, Subcontractors, and GM Project Managers. I spent a lot of time onsite this week walking and sitting in as Gus and Joe spoke with safety personnel, laborers, superintendents, etc. This week I endured the process of estimating a project that may be upcoming. I learned how to update the excel spreadsheet with the current happenings on our jobs and the percentage of completion. It was another great week filled with plenty of learning experiences! Most of these photos are from the tunnel job that is currently underway. I watched as a concrete pour took place and Gus quizzed me on things like form work, concrete additives, and much more! We walked on top of the tunnel and gazed at the waterproofing that was taking place and spoke about how the trench was dug in steps for safety. We then walked underground and toured the tunnel from the inside. We then went and observed a few lobby renovations.

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