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Paulina Torres: Orientation & Three Weeks Overview

A little throwback to last week’s Ideal Contracting Build U orientation with my mentor Joe Kersanty. It was nice to see everyone from Ideal, and meeting the rest of the interns involved in this program. The day consisted of going over the manual and expectations for this summer. As well as a few icebreakers to work on team building. The day concluded with a nice evening at Punch Bowl Social. It was my first time going to Punch Bowl Social; I will find myself going back this summer!
This is my third week out on site: GM Warren Tech Center. I love it out here! The first two weeks consisted of learning and getting familiar with the project that I will be working on throughout this summer: Asset Sustainment Project. The project involves replacing old boilers and chillers in the Steam and Chiller Plant. I have also been through safety orientation and learned about all the hazards that can be found out in these plants.
Everyone on my team has been very welcoming. My team has taken the time to walk me through the plants and teach me about the different functionalities of the equipment found in these plants. What I like about this project is that I do not know much about anything that deals with running a steam or chiller plant, I do not know what each piece of equipment does, which means that there will be a lot of opportunities for me to learn something new each day.
This summer I will be taking weekly photos of both the chiller and steam plant that shows the progress in each plant, to track the new equipment being installed or anything that is being taken down. Another task that I will be highly involved with is G-Comply, keeping track of the status for each equipment and making sure that they meet GM specifications. By the end of the summer I hope to become a G-Comply Pro!

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