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Good morning everyone, week 12 of the intern program I got to go and visit the Tech Center with Miranda to interview Erin Wolf and Lauren DeVerna. As many of you know, at the end of the program the interns are required to present a topic of their choosing based on the construction industry. Miranda and I are doing ours on “Women in Construction and Engineering”. We have been going around and interviewing women who work at Ideal to ask questions, advice, and just learn how they got where they are today. This has been a really great experience for me because Miranda and I now have women to look up to and know that we can always go to them if we need to.

In week 13, things are finally starting to pick back up in Pontiac with getting more jobs approved. I have been going on a lot of walk-throughs to see where future jobs are going to be and the progress of jobs already started. On Friday, I was on a two hour walk-through at the Orion Assembly Plant because they are about to have huge concrete work done with re-doing the roadways. That was an interesting walk-through because all the subs/GM people had to all work together to figure out how to maintain the truck lanes and how they were going to pour the concrete. Very cool learning experience.

Have a great week everyone!

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