2018, Build U, General Motors, Ideal Contracting, Intern, Pontiac Global Propulsion Systems

Week 7 & 8-P.GPS PDPM-Sabella Ammiano

Good morning Ideal, last Friday June 29th I went and visited another intern Adam Klebba at Milford which is why my post for week 7 is a little late. It was fun to go out there and see the differences in their site versus Pontiac.  Adam took me to their July shutdown meeting, where they discussed how many jobs they were going to have, the subcontractors that were going to be there, and what kind of project labor they were going to need. After the meeting, Adam drove me around to see the test track and a couple of projects they were working on. One of the projects included big excavation work to replace some piping so that was neat. I wasn’t expecting Milford to be as big as it was, with close to 170 buildings there! I’m so used to Pontiac which is just 4 buildings all put into one big building. Overall, I had a great time going around and seeing their projects and getting to know what they do there.

On Monday, we all got to visit the Michigan Laborers Training Facility building which was a nice break from being in the office. We learned about concrete safety, silica training, and proper PPE. It was very informative and they had a lot of neat information to share, I definitely learned a couple things from being there.

This week in Pontiac, has been super busy with new projects coming in and wrapping up projects that we had to complete during our July Shutdown. One of the projects I got to see out in the field was, replacing the concrete in front of the racing building. The walkway is a mixture of white and black concrete so it was cool to see how they have to pour the concrete to make the pattern work. Also, we hit a few bumps on that project so it was a good learning experience to see how they went about handling the problems.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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