Week 13/14 – PDPM – Adam Klebba

Hi Everyone!

I have been slacking lately with the blog posts, i have been very very busy. Well tomorrow is the last day of the summer internship! We have our final presentations in the morning and then we are all going out to the Fowling Warehouse to celebrate another great year. I have had a blast this summer being the lead intern! I was able to meet many new people and see many new cites. Everyone this year was very helpful with the internship program and  i am very grateful for that. Lots of new friendships were made. The past couple weeks have been very busy but fun. Preparing for our community project and final project took up most of my time, as well as my normal day to day jobs. A couple weeks ago we were able to attend the ironworker training facility where we got to torch cut and weld our own book ends. It was a lot of fun! I was also able to climb one of their columns and test my ability to be an ironworker. I passed but man it was not easy. I just want to say thank you to everyone this summer for making it such a great experience for all of us and i am excited to still work with all of you during the fall!

Thank You Everyone!

-Adam Klebba

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