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Week 13 – Executive Interview – Andrew McElwee

I had a great opportunity last week to sit down with Nick Luxon and discuss a few things I have always wanted to ask someone in his position. I picked his brain about how he defined success and how has it changed as he moved up in the industry. I got to hear him talk about growing up in a family where his dad and his dad him before him were pipe fitters, but Nick just knew that wouldn’t satisfy him. He thrives on more complex business tasks, yes he looked up to his father growing up and made him want to provide like his dad.  Yet, Nick figured more of a business management role was more fitting for him. That is where he headed his career until arriving at Ideal. I was fascinated by the story of the man who worked to become VP of construction. Subsequently, learned about his leadership methods, for example, he likes to be personable to each employee, gets to really know them and where they are in life. I thought that was pretty cool, making himself quite approachable and showing he cares about the employees’ work and home life. Finally, I wanted some life advice for someone just starting their career, and he said always try to do right by yourself. No matter how hard the situation is, make sure you make a choice and live with it. I thought that was insightful and plan to implement it in my growing career. Thank you for taking the time to sit down and field my question, I really do appreciate the chance to just chat and get some advice.

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