2018, Build U, Intern, Steel

Week 13 – U of M LSA – Miranda Zamora

The LSA structure is finally coming to end and it has been a great experience seeing something built from start to finish. I’ve learned so much about connections, steel, weights, frames, decking, bolts, and so much more. Seeing the pictures I’ve taken throughout the project shows the amount of work Ideal puts in. It’s motivating to be in a team that works so hard to get a job done as efficiently and safely as possible. Below are before and after pictures of the LSA project.

Beginning of the Structure

End of Structure

The interns and I also got together to do our mock presentations! It was cool to see what everyone is interested in such as new technologies and labor shortages. I think that everyone did a great job explaining their topic and answering questions that we had. I can’t wait to see the final presentations next week!

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