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Week 12 – GM WTC – Jacob Rhodes

Good morning everyone,

Last week at the Warren Tech Center I continued helping Dan with his projects. On Wednesday, I was able to participate in a large flow fill pour of 380 cy at the AEC building. The pour was for filling in a few pits in a former cold chamber that was being changed into storage space. And since the pour was inside the building, it required the use of a pump truck. We got in around 5:30 that morning to get an early start before the majority of GM employees arrive. Outside the AEC building, there was limited space for the concrete trucks to maneuver when coming into the courtyard. With it being a larger pour, many trucks were coming throughout the day and we wanted to have the most efficient traffic plan possible. Dan and Jeff Martin, the Ideal superintendent on the job, came up with a traffic flow plan that allowed for two concrete trucks to be pouring into the pump truck and exit while also having a place for trucks to line up and wait for their turn to pour. This traffic plan worked very well and I was even able to help with directing traffic for a good part of the day. This was a very cool job to see and I enjoyed it a lot. I was happy that the pour went very well and I am excited for the next phase of this project. Below are some pictures of the pour. I hope everyone has a great day.


Jacob Rhodes

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