2018, Build U, Intern, Mentor, Milford Proving Grounds

Week 12- MPG Dyno Site – Manuel Roque

Good afternoon.

Last week at the Dyno Site at MPG. The G-Compliance list is getting completed. Three items of equipment were able to go green. Indicating that equipment is fully operational for the use of GM. Also, the majority of items from test cell 7 are complete. This week our team should receive test cell 8 punch list. In addition, all tags and placards for G- Comply are up. This will enable us to take the remaining items of equipment to green tag. The progress on the scheduling  for the community project got a better direction. This was from the collaboration from the intern meeting we had last Wednesday.  After our intern meeting the interns participated in the staff quarterly meeting, which was full of information. I am glad I sat down to that meeting, besides winning a prize.  Lastly, tomorrow I will interview Nick Luxon, and will be able to get questions answered in regards to my presentation topics. Thanks, hope everyone has a nice week.

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