2018, Build U, Ideal Contracting

Week 11 & 12 – Toyota Ann Arbor – Andrew McElwee

The last two weeks have moved along pretty smoothly. The cafe renovation is still going, we are doing quite well keeping up with deadlines as the project continues, and it is really coming together. Demolition has been completed for a while. Also along with the sanitary system, all the appropriate tie-ins have been made and the concrete put back in place over it. The carpentry is just now finishing up which includes metal wall studs and gypsum board installation. Some equipment such as water heaters and the walk-in freezer has been delivered to site and installation has begun. Coming up is the flooring. The transmission dyno renovation is also starting within the next week, excited to learn what I can from that project as well. The community project is also moving along, we met least to discuss more and work each part and get feedback from the other interns, really excited to see how this project turns out.

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