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WEEK 9 & 10 – Community Project/ New Projects/ Iron Workers Training Facility – COURTNEY ILER

Hope everyone’s been enjoying their internship so far!

These past few weeks have been crazy. We started really diving into the Intern Community Project. This is a great experience for future jobs we may be on. After walking with Linda, the owner’s representative, on the 13th we have been working on a design for the steel pavilion they would like to have on the 30’x40′ slab in Scarcyny Park. It was awesome to learn about the businesses that are donating labor, material and just their time to make this park a better place. I can’t wait to see the finished product one day. I’ve also been getting involved in a lot of our bidding and primarily schedules of future projects, hopefully.

Last Friday we were able to visit the Iron Workers Training Facility in Wixom. It may be a smaller building but they do so much for all the apprentices and even the journeymen who want to refresh their skills. They gave us a quick tour of the different areas and task they have the apprentices complete during their time there, then we were all split up and got to torch cut and stick weld our own set of book ends. My boyfriend always tried to get me to weld with him and I was always a little nervous, but I got to say this was pretty fun! To start with a single piece of metal and turn it into bookends was pretty awesome! See below for a close up picture of my bookends and our whole groups!

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