Week 9 – PDPM MPG – Adam Klebba

Hi Everyone!

The week after shutdown is still busy! We are still on a very strict schedule of finishing up jobs and getting roads open for GM to drive on. Long shifts are still in effect to make sure we are getting the jobs on track. The steam line repair still heads our biggest priority job and i am happy to say that it is finally getting close to completion and ready for back fill. I loved helping out with this job as it allowed me to experience a full underground work job that exposed me to a large excavation, rigging, setting pipe, confined space, hot work, and all the other ins and outs of the job. Lots of hard work was put in during these past couple weeks and I am glad to say the safety side of the jobs were outstanding and no incidents happened. Still sticking to the normal job out here at Milford as running job sites and overseeing the safety for many crews. Today, us interns are heading out to Detroit in a little bit to talk about our community project within Scarcyny park. I am excited to do some research and planning on the project and see what great ideas all of us come up with! Still working hard and learning lots.

Thanks Everyone!

-Adam Klebba

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