Week 7 – WTC & Pontiac – Lindsay Kowalewski

Last week I got to attend a 1-day Industrial Hygiene class at the office. It was a nice refresher from my occupational hygiene class at Oakland University. We learned about certain air monitors that we can use in the field to test the air that the workers are breathing in. We especially want to focus on silica in the construction industry. We also learned about noise dosimeters and how easy it is to go over the 85 dBA mark. I also attended the After 5 event at the Skip in Detroit, which was a nice outing for all of us to relax after work. I met 3 interns, 2 which worked at FCA and 1 that worked for a law firm. They all seemed to like their current internships and have been learning a lot.

This week all of the interns attended the Michigan Laborers Training Facility where we learned about cement basics, silica exposure, and PPE. This was a great opportunity for all of us to further our education on these topics. I didn’t know much about cement so learning the basics was interesting. There is a lot to it that I wasn’t aware of. I also spent my time this week at Pontiac and WTC PDPM. I have been helping both sites with their FMEAs since it has been so busy with the 4th of July Shutdown. Overall, it was a good week. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday off!


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