Week 6 – GM WTC – Lindsay Kowalewski

This week at the GTC, we started to develop an FMEA for an excavation at Skylark starting during the first week of July. In addition, I got to learn about excavation permits and how they work. At Pontiac GPS I got to sit in on a meeting regarding the PTP’s for a new job starting for roof work.

On Thursday all the interns went visit the Operator Training Facility. The facility took us on a tour, which took us around the facility and showed us all of their training equipment. Firefighters also do training there, along with the bomb squad. We were given the opportunity to use and try out some of the equipment, which was very cool. I got to use an excavator and dig a couple holes, which was a once in a lifetime experience. This tour gave me more of an idea of how the equipment works and a look into the lives of our operators. Thank you to everyone for making this event happen!!

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