Week 4/5_ PDPM MPG_ Adam Klebba

Hi Everyone!

I apologize for missing a post last week. We have been very busy with getting subcontractors set for the upcoming shutdown. Lots of deliverable and PTP’s to review. I was also at the Pontiac location last Friday so things were a little different. Let me tell you about the last two weeks! I was able to visit the Pontiac location with my mentor Terry Medley where we toured the site with site safety lead Pat Potochick. We toured the Global Propulsion Plant where GM makes and tests their car and race car engines. It was awesome to see! All while stopping by our Ideal sites within the plants to make sure everything was safe. I was able  to hang and see the Pontiac intern Sabella Ammiano where i could tell she works very hard out there. As well as holding her own ground as the only girl in the trailer. You know how us construction guys are. This week i spent my time out at MPG where majority of my time was spent approving PTP’s and walking many of our jobs. We are finally making ground on setting and installing the new steam line in prep for July shutdown. Ideal has dug the excavation and assisted with setting the pipe, while Power Process Piping are the ones installing by specialize welding the joints. It has been a really good learning experience with getting to see such a big job in action. On Thursday the 14th, us interns had our first After 5 event where we got to go down to Beacon Park in downtown Detroit to network and mingle with hundreds of other interns from the metro Detroit area. We met many great people and i can not wait to go to the next event. Below is a picture of some of us interns at the event waiting in line for food (which is where you will usually find me). It is getting busy but I am ready to take on the challenge of July 4th shutdown.

Thanks everyone!

-Adam Klebba

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