Week 4 – GM GTC – Lindsay Kowalewski

For week 3 I have been continuing my journey at the GM GTC. We have had a project at the climatic wind tunnel where we are during refurbishments. Over the past 2 weeks we have installed an exhaust fan and duct and we have also been working on paperwork such as FMEAs for an overhead door install and the removal and replacement of a steel door. The replacement of the steel door is a project that doesn’t start until September but we have been preparing a confined space plan for the workers who have to enter inside since it is not designed for continuous occupancy. We will need to develop a retrieval system for the workers.

In addition, Courtney Iler and I have been working together this past month on developing GoCanvas apps for the safety department. The plan is to utilize GoCanvas for all of our safety forms and documents. This will be extremely beneficial for our safety reps while out on site. It also saves the company money and protects the environment.


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