Week 3 – MPG PDPM – Adam Klebba

Hi Everyone!

I apologize for the late post, Friday was very very busy. Last week was another interesting week out at the proving grounds. Lots of jobs coming through so that meant lots of pre tasks and paperwork needed to get approved. On my breaks away from the computer i was able to get out into the field and see some jobs. I invited along fellow intern Michael Penland with me on a few drive around’s showing him some ongoing jobs and the lay of the land. As well as the hard dollar dyno pit job where we saw other intern Manuel Roque. On Friday my mentor Terry Medley took me out to one of  our satellite sites, Romulus Engine Plant. It was great to see a new site and new process on how another GM project runs. Staying busy and getting ready for another fun week here at MPG.

Thank You,

Adam Klebba

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