Week 3 – GM GTC – Lindsay Kowalewski

Hello Everyone,

Last week we were very busy here at the GM GTC. We have a new project that started over at the CWT (climatic wind tunnel) and have been busy with FEMAs and orientations. I also got to learn how to put together a safety board which consisted of FEMAs, org charts, emergency contacts, incident flowchart, tool box talks, blank PTP’s, weekly walkthroughs, and any SDS documents. I have  been keeping up with project deliverables for each of our subs for this new project and making sure COI’s get sent out to Ideal. On top of the paperwork I have been organizing our safety binders for the new project to ensure all of our subs paperwork stays organized throughout the project. On the actual site I got to go on the roof and learn what to look for during a scaffold inspection, and observe workers while they installed a new air duct.

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