Week 2 – GM WTC – Lindsay Kowalewski

Good Morning Everyone,

During week 2 I spent my time at the GM WTC with Brian Polakowski. These past 2 weeks we have spent time preparing for our new project at the Climatic Wind Tunnel (CWT). We have had to send out project deliverables including: EMR, RIR, Certificate of Insurance, OSHA 300A Logs, FMEAs, SDS, etc. This is an important process to complete before a project starts because each subcontractor that is performing work on the site needs to submit these deliverables before they can work. I got to complete some SOP’s at the Asset Sustainment Project including the steam plant where I found a hazardous hole in the floor, which was immediately fixed. I also had time this week to become substation trained and learn the basics of a electrical safety while working in a substation. After the training I was able to enter the substation at the GM WTC with a qualified electrician. This was cool to see as I wasn’t familiar with substations and how they really worked. I have also been able to learn how to conduct orientations for the subcontractors who are coming to work on our sites.

This week was eventful and I got to learn something new each day of the week. I am excited to see how much I learn by the end of this internship.



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