Week 2 – MPG PDPM- Adam Klebba

Hi Everyone!

It has been a busy week out here at the Proving Grounds. We are in the process of pushing a lot of jobs through to get ready for the summer. Going to get real busy soon. I have been working out here with site lead Tracy Clark and we have been teaming up to review lots and lots of PTP’s making sure they are all in the correct form. Other than the lots of paperwork we have to do, i have been able to get out in the field a good amount and make sure everyone is safe. We have started one of our very large excavation projects in prep for our steam line repair job during the upcoming shutdown. It has been a great experience getting familiar with a large excavation and all of the prep work and safety needed. All the guys in the field have been very helpful with answering all the questions i have had. Other than the excavations we have had numerous confined space jobs out here from getting into holding tanks and getting into manholes. I have now learned the full process of submitting and retrieving a confined space permit and it has taught me a lot. All great experiences. On Tuesday the 2nd, we held our safety appreciation lunch out on the proving grounds and teamed up with the hard dollar sites as well. We were able to provide a taco truck for all of our workers, subcontractors, and GM employees that we work with. We had about 230 people! It was a great time. We were able to show our appreciation for all the safe workers out here that make my life a lot easier. Four workers were awarded gift cards for their recognized everyday safe practices. It is really good to show how thankful and appreciative we are for all the workers that put safety in their everyday work. It was a great week and i am excited for the ones to come!

Thank You!

Adam Klebba

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