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Week # 9 – PDPM – Adam Klebba

Hope everyone had a great holiday! I was unable to post anything last week due to he holiday and GM shutdown. Not much really happened that I was a part of.

So here is week #9! This was a very fun week for me. I was once again bounced around Milford and the Warren Tech Center as I assisted the Safety team with all of their ongoing and upcoming jobs. At the tech center, I was able to meet and help train our new site safety member Patrick Ellis. I helped him get familiar with the paperwork and technical side to safety and how we do things on the computer. Later in the day, I tagged along with Mark our on site safety walker as we went around to all the job sites to make sure everything was running smooth and safe. Thursday the 13th was a very fun day, some other interns from the main office were able to make it out to Warren to visit our site. Also there was a Taco truck so that alone made it a good day. Mike Orosey and I took our fellow interns around the Tech Center and showed them all our ongoing jobs along with some interesting GM buildings. I don’t think you could get any better tour guides if you ask me.

On Wednesday the 12th, all of us interns traveled down to Indiana to the Vulcraft Steel Plant to take a tour and see how steel trusses and steel decking is made. I had no idea what to expect but it was awesome! I have never seen anything like it. I am very glad that we were able to take the time and go down there for a once in a lifetime experience. Below will be some pictures I took during our tour.

Here are some pictures from the steel plant. These guys were working incredibly hard! I have never seen this process done before.

The Vulcraft steel plant was in the middle of no where. We actually had to go through a town called HICKSVILLE! Naturally, we all had to take a picture with the sign to show proof this place actually exists.

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