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Week #11- Asset Sustainment Project – Miranda Zamora

This week the BuildU program got the chance to visit Vultcraft in Indiana! It was a very exciting experience because I was able to see how trusses were made. Seeing that reminded me of my statics course in school. Learning about tension and compression in class came in handy when I was asked an engineering question. I was still a little nervous about answering because I didn’t want to get it wrong. Thankfully I didn’t and it’s all thanks to Detroit Mercy. It was interesting seeing the trusses come to life and not on paper. I got a totally different experience actually seeing the product being made. I was also impressed of the production and how fast the workers were welding/building the trusses.



The next day Tony came to visit the Asset Sustainment Project and view/tour how the boilers and chillers were being built and they work. He came last year to the project to visit so I would imagine that there have been many different changes since then. After our tour we went to PDPM to eat some tacos! We also had Mike give the interns and I, a tour of the many different jobs Ideal also does around the Tech Center. It was a cool experience to learn about other jobs around campus and see the different projects Ideal also does.


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