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Week #10 – Asset Sustainment Project – Miranda Zamora

The July Shutdown is finally here! This has been all my peers could talk about on site. What they plan on getting done this week and how they’re going to get it done. Since my start here in May all I have been hearing is about the July Shutdown and I can’t believe that it is here and already July! The Steam Plant is so quite and it’s not as hot as it usually is. Besides the July Shutdown I’ve been taking pictures of the Chiller Plant and Steam Plant to be hung in the hallway that separates the two plants. I’ve been taking some very cool pictures with my Nikon and I can’t wait to see which pictures will be hung in the hallway.

Other than taking awesome pictures I finally got the chance to operate an aerial lift! It was super fun to do and also very high. I don’t think I would have ever gotten the chance to even be in an aerial lift if it was for Ideal and I am super grateful that I got the opportunity to do so.

Here was my chance to operate the aerial lift!


Here they are having me go over what the switches do.

It’s been a busy summer so far and for the 2 months that I have been here I have learned so much about the construction industry. The engineering side of things is also very awesome. I get to learn about how boilers/chillers work which is something I don’t really touch on until my junior/senior year of college.

Besides learning so much, the Steam Plant is always changing, always being updated with new devices and pipes! Our third boiler came in early May and so many things have been being done to it. The Chiller Plant is going through it’s final stages and we plan on going green for all four chillers during G-Comply.

It’s been a fun 2 months so far and I look forward to every new experience here on site!

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