Week 6 – Adam Klebba – PDPM

This past week I got a taste of what it is like to be in Safety in the PDPM side of construction. Man is it different! I spent most of the week at the Warren Tech Center with their safety crew helping out and learning about the new FMEA format for pre-task plans. I had a blast hanging with the crew, I was taught many new things that I know will help me with my future.

Tina and I were able to sit down and write our own PTP and incident report so both her and I can get accustomed to the new format and ways. Practice makes perfect and I think that is a key step while adapting to the new GM ways. After all the paper work was done I was able to get out into the field with Dan, Mark, and John as they all showed me how hectic and fast paced the PDPM life is. You never know what is going to happen next and where you have to be.

Some of us interns were also able to head out to Scarcyny Park on Thursday to get a feel for what it looks like and decide on what project we want to do for our Intern Community Outreach assignment. I think we have some great ideas and can not wait to meet with the others to come up with a plan that will benefit the surrounding community!


One of the mornings I was able to head out to the Asset Sustainment Project to catch a safety and worker appreciation breakfast while we listened to a informational talk about proper inspection on rigging equipment.

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