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Week # 6 – Asset Sustainment Project – Miranda Zamora

June 7, 2017

Today was a hardworking day at the Tech Center! I placed my first concrete and tried my best to run my first meeting. Carrying the barrels filled with concrete was super heavy and for a girl who only weighs 110 lbs, it was a little difficult to do. The guys saw me struggle with it so instead they had me place the concrete in the area that needed to be filled and then smooth it out. After we were done smoothing out the concrete the guys let me put in my (temporary) initials on the concrete. We soon put concrete over it to make it look nice again. These guys put in so much hard work every single day and it is truly admiring!

My second task today was to run a surprising meeting! My supervisor was not able to make the meeting so all eyes were on me. It was a little nerve wrecking because I didn’t want to say any wrong information to the team and I have never ran a meeting but I tried my best, the team helped me out a bit to help run the meeting, and I made it through!

June 8, 2017

The Little Caesars Arena was more than I expected it to be! There is so much work that is needed to be accomplished in this new arena that will be around for years to come. For as much work needed to done and how huge the place is, the workers are doing an amazing job completing their tasks to get the arena open by the first week of September.  I hope to visit the arena again once the job is done!

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