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Week 13-14-Volunteer Day/BUILD U Presentations-Mike Orosey

The past few weeks have been extremely eventful.  The Build U interns were able to assist in the MAGNA organized volunteer operation at the Ideal Gardens.  This was a great experience for me and the rest of the interns to help out with the community and interact with some younger kids from the Detroit area that are striving for success.  It’s great interacting with younger people and sharing some of my experience and expertise with them.  Helping people is very satisfying gives you a perspective what other younger generations are challenged with.  Being a younger person myself, I can relate to what it’s like to faced with challenging situations and sharing how being motivated, hard working, and respectful will ultimately pave the path towards success in today’s society.  I thoroughly enjoyed the MAGNA volunteer day because its great to give back to the community in which the Ideal Group has supported for years.  A lot can be learned from opportunities like this and gives people a chance to come together for the greater good.

Below are some photos that were taken of the BUILD U interns at the gardens during the volunteer day.


Furthermore, the BUILD U final presentations are finally completed!  This was extremely satisfying because everyone put so much time into these presentations.  It was great to see everyone’s presentation and learn about numerous areas of construction that was important to each intern.  This was a great way to wrap things up and conclude a great summer with Ideal Contracting.  This has been a great opportunity this summer working with Ideal Contracting.  This internship has shaped me into a better person and most importantly has developed my knowledge within the construction industry.  I was proud to give my presentation on technology in the construction industry and show everyone what I learned.  Most importantly, I wanted to make my mentors Gus Cerku and Joe Welmers proud as well as the rest of the Ideal team at the Warren Tech Center who has supported me in my growth this summer.  I still have a lot to learn but I am excited to use the knowledge I have learned this summer and apply it to my studies at Michigan State University.  I still have a few weeks left with Ideal before I head back to school and plan to finish out strong and leave on a good note.  Thank you to every Ideal employee that came and saw the final presentations.  Much appreciated!  Finally, it was great to head down to a Detroit Tigers game after the final presentations and enjoy a game in the Ideal Group suite.  Thanks to everyone involved with making this happen.

Here are a few photos from the final presentations and the tigers game afterwards.




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