Week 12 – MPG – Milkey

In week 12, I learned a lot about Ideal contracting not only from myself but from others as well. Monday I was busy at Milford Proving Grounds. We were jam packed with meetings and lining up different aspects of the jobs that we had running at that time.

On Tuesday, we met with a new prospect customer “Buckeye Pipeline”. The company is based out of Illinois but they are working on a substation in Wayne right behind the Ford plant. This project, which we reviewed, was heavy based on the electrical side but when we talked with the project manager of the site, he was hopeful that other projects would be coming down the road in which Ideal contracting may be able to be a part of. It was very cool to see how an introduction could lead to a whole bunch of work for Ideal contracting in the future.

Later in the day on Tuesday, I got the chance to interview Nick Luxon, Vice President of Ideal Contracting, with fellow interns Dylan Yore and Clay Kurkechian. I really valued our time, which we go to spend with Nick and the advice he had to offer us. I learned a lot about Nick in our hour, which we have to spend with him. It was very interesting to hear his story about how he had his own business when he was younger and has always seemed to work within the mechanical plumbing world, as his father had done for years before him.  I think the one thing that stood out about him the most was how hard he worked to get where he is today. Nick had a very “Go Get ‘em” attitude and would always say yes to his boss or supervisor even without knowing all the time exactly how to complete the job. However, as he explained more of his stories it made him even stronger and more knowledgeable because he had to find out answers sometimes the hard ways, and would never stop working to achieve the goal.

On Wednesday, the interns took a trip up to the M5 Project in Flint. The project is part of a larger 5-plant project, which will be placed all over in country and a few internationally. The plant is being built for the paint and body shop, which works on the new Silverado 2500 &3500’s. The site was very heavy in the erection stage as steel was flying all day long. All of the interns got a chance to cut and weld metal, which was a cool opportunity.

Thursday was our company quarterly staff meeting which was a very good time to network and learn more about Ideal Contracting. It was promising to see the numbers and growth within the company and leads to a promising future.

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