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Week 9- MPG/Flint/Executive Interview- Caleb Mitchum

Phase 2 of the Building 16 office renovation here at Milford Proving Grounds is now complete. The GM punch list walk occurred last week and they moved into the new space yesterday. There’s a week turnover between phase 2 and 3 of this project and selective demo will start next week for phase 3. The dyno install in Building 31 is going through a vast amount of demo of the existing sites as well as the cutting and capping of MEP systems. This project is very different from anything I’ve seen and the coordination between parties is critical with all the diverse tasks associated. Attached is a photo from the demo of cell 11:

On Wednesday, my fellow interns and I had the opportunity to visit the GM site in Flint. This site was very interesting with all the steel that was being set. We also were given the opportunity to perform some welding. Special thanks to Chelsey, Mark, Tony, and Jack for setting this up. Here are a couple pictures from the site visit:


On Thursday, I had the opportunity to interview a fellow Spartan, Rich Brown. Rich has an immense amount of knowledge within the construction industry and has worked on numerous projects. It was interesting to hear about his upbringing within the industry and his path to becoming a Project Director at Ideal. My biggest takeaway from this interview was when Rich talked about how “you are your own business.” He spoke about diversifying yourself through different projects while always asking questions and staying humble.

On Friday, my fellow interns and I gathered in Detroit to volunteer with MAGNA at the Cadillac Urban Garden next to Building B. The Cadillac Urban Garden provides fresh vegetables to the surrounding community. This was a great way to give back to the community while getting to know many new faces.

I want to thank everyone that has impacted my experience at Ideal Contracting thus far.

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