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Week #6 – Yard – Grant Spears

Week Six of my internship with Ideal Contracting was probably the most jam-packed week I’ve had yet. There was a lot I got to do this week.

On Monday I got to sit in on a meeting between Dave and Terry about the forecasting for the yard vehicles for the rest of the year. Basically what they do is go through every quarter to see what was spent on different vehicles and decide if the want to predict that they will need to put more or less money into their predictions for how much it will make and cost for the year. The money the vehicle has already made this year is also taken into account, and I learned where the prices we put on the vehicles come from. On Tuesday, I got to do something new. There were several, and by several I mean a huge stack of boxes that were meant to go to the main Ideal office. So I was asked to use the golf cart to get these boxes up to the front office, and that was what I spent most of the day doing. It wouldn’t have taken quite as long, if not for the fact that the cart itself could only hold about five boxes at a time, which meant I had to make several return trips to get all of the boxes up front. It also would have helped if I had thought about bringing a cart with me on my excursion, as I spent a good chunk of my time walking slowly with some of the heavier boxes. But it was a very fun thing to get to do, and I enjoyed the chance to go to one of the other buildings on the property. Unfortunately, there ended up being a miscommunication at some point, as it turned out some of the boxes were meant to go elsewhere. So Wednesday morning I got back in the golf cart, this time thinking ahead enough to grab a cart to move the boxes, and headed back up front. Luckily, the boxes didn’t have nearly as far to go this time, as I only needed to get them back downstairs. Thursday morning started like most mornings, I started the day by checking in with Dave, then asking around to see if anyone in the yard office had anything for me to do. There was a cart that needed to be put together, and once I had done that I was met with a bit of a surprise. Bill had decided to send me out on a pickup and delivery with Jose. So I got to ride in on of the trucks with Jose while he was picking up some stuff that needed to go to Milford. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get into MPG due to the fact that I am not 18, but I still learned a lot about how the pick ups and deliveries work, and got to go out and see some new things. Friday was the MAGNA volunteer day, which was really fun for me, because it was my first chance to meet the rest of the Build U interns. Everyone was really nice, and I really enjoyed the time I got to spend with them.

All in all, I had a really enjoyable week, filled with a lot of learning, hard work, and finally getting to meet more of my fellow Build U interns.

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