Week 12 – Toyota – Steven Sinn

This week out at Toyota has been another busy one. This week being able to dig into some of Ideals other self preform trades. Hard at work for Ideal Is Doug Card and his civil crew, taking on an intricate Storm Tech system also some self preformed concrete pours. Earlier in my blogs I had shown the Pervious Pavement Parking lot, with what Doug has going on I am able to show you what makes the pavement work, below the surface. Seen in the pictures below are some large yellow arches, these are the Storm Tech Trenches, these allow for water to pool and flow as if it were ground water. This water from the system then feeds the retention pond that is located in the front of the facility. Without this the Pervious asphalt would have no place to drain and could not be recycled. Not to far from the excavation that is in progress is a concrete pour. This pour is relatively large and will act as a pad for a controls station for the fuel farm behind it. Please see attached pictures below.

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