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Week – 11 – Toyota – Steven Sinn

Week 11 has been full of progress, The team here has been working hard with all of the subcontractors to complete and turnover three engine dyno’s. This tends to be no easy task when you breakdown each room and see what goes in to just one dyno. Lately our finishing touches in the dyno’s have been some crane support steel. This steel consists of beams and angle to hold the crane that moves along the beams spanning the rooms length. The crane is used to pick complete engines and place them on a large steel bed plate, where they can simulate the engine being mounted into a car chassis. In the room the engine has a full exhaust system that constantly draws air from the room and ventilates to the RTO. The engines go through rigorous tests. These tests allow Toyota to see the engines performance at particular RPM, Temperature, Fuel Ratios. All of this data is recorded onto computers that are held within the room. Completing these rooms has been complicated due to the amount of work that is required to be completed by each trade in such a small space. Here are some pictures showing all of the support steel for the cranes.

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