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Week #5 – Yard – Grant Spears

Week 5 of my internship at Ideal Contracting was a bit different from my normal routine, and slightly more busy than usual. For the most part this week I was helping to prepare the yard for Ideal Setech’s Supplier of the Year Award, which was hosted here in the yard on Friday. Throughout the week I worked on general clearing of areas around the outside of the yard and worked on getting the inside of the building prepared for the event as well. These tasks ranged from cleaning equipment and vehicles to just a good old fashioned run of the floor scrubber. I also worked with many of the GDYT Interns to prepare for the event itself, which is what I spent the majority of the week doing, helping them with setup and tear down for the event. Supplier of the Year was a very enjoyable event, and I even got to talk with some of my fellow Build U interns during it. I enjoyed the chance to interact with people from all throughout the company, and to hear about Supplier of the Year’s history as well. Also during the week, one of our trucks sprung a leak from it’s gas tank, so I got to see the procedure for that particular event, as well as helping to siphon out the gas from the truck. So while I may not have done as much learning this week, I still did a lot of hard work, and I got to make a lot of connections and meet many new people, so I think I still got quite a bit out of this week.

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