2017, Build U, Ideal Contracting, Intern

Week #4 – Yard – Grant Spears

My fourth week working in Ideal Contracting’s Yard saw me applying a lot of the skills I had used and learned prior to help in starting to really get down to business on cleaning up the Yard in preparation for Ideal’s Supplier of the Year Event. I spent most of my week assisting the new Interns (not Build U interns, but the High School age interns) with getting vines off of the fences, getting weeds up out of the fences, and making sure things were starting to get nice and tidy. I also helped out a bit in the Yard Office, kind of just taking care of whatever they could find for me to do so I could stay busy. I also got to make a few deliveries to the main office this week, which was neat, because I got to go for a nice little walk. A highlight this week was when Steven Sinn, another of the Build U interns, stopped by the yard to pick up supplies for his job site. It was really cool to meet another of the interns face to face. All in all Week 4 was another week of good work and while I didn’t learn a whole lot of new things, it was still good to practice the skills I have already gained.

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