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WTC Asset Sustainment Project Visit – Tony Saucedo

I was able to visit Miranda at the hard dollar trailer at the GM Warren Technical Center. I was able to visit this site last year when Paulina was here so it was great to see all of the progress that has been made. The asset sustainment project, phase two, includes a chilled water and steam plant that provide heating and cooling to the entire, 600-acre campus. The chilled water plant includes four existing chillers, four cooling towers, and piping systems. The steam plant houses six original boilers that are being replaced by three new boilers and the attached support systems. These are major upgrades to both plants. The job requires close coordination between our management team, the superintendents, and of course the laborers. Safety is especially important because much work is being done to the boiler and chiller plants while they are in operation. Special thanks to Miranda, Lauren, Joe Kersanty, and all of the others at the Ideal trailer for giving me this tour great tour!




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