Week #6- MPG- Caleb Mitchum

Today marks the end of my sixth week at Ideal Contracting. The long weekend was nice, but It’s great to get back at it and continue to grow my knowledge and experience through the BuildU program.

It is currently July shut down here at GM Milford Proving Grounds, but don’t let that lead you to think there’s no work going on because Ideal is still out here getting the job done. The Phase 2 of the Building 16 Mezzanine Office Renovation Project is coming to a close. The ironworkers were able to install the majority of the steel platform cat walks during July shutdown because no one is occupying the space below them. Furniture has been brought into the office space, door and hardware installation is almost complete, and the rest of the interior finishes will soon be done. The GM punchlist walk for Phase 2 should be sometime next week. I have continued to reach out to sub-contractors to provide the necessary documents for closeout on this phase of the project. It is exciting to see this phase come to a close and it will be a great learning experience starting phase 3 as I began working at MPG in the middle of the 2nd phase.

Attached are photos from phase 2 of the Building 16 office renovation project:

The other two projects, along with Building 16, have continued to keep me occupied. The concrete install at the Crowne Plaza Hotel downtown Detroit have had some hiccups along the way, but those are being resolved and the concrete is scheduled to be poured early next week. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to sit in on a design kick-off meeting for the Building 31W Phase 2 Dyno project that will be starting soon at MPG. This meeting included Ideal, IMEG (the AE firm on the project), and the sub-contractors we’re using. This meeting consisted of a walk-through of the design plan, looking through the BIM 360 model, and figuring out the design logistics of the project with input from each party. I have now been exposed to a project kick-off meeting, design-build meeting, and design kick-off meeting, all of which have enhanced my knowledge within the industry.

The BuildU program has continued to grow my construction experience. I’m excited to meet back up with all the interns next Wednesday for the Vulcraft Steel Shop tour in Fort Wayne, IN. We’re all grateful that Mark took the time set this opportunity up for us.

Until next time,

Caleb Mitchum

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