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Week 7 – Pontiac – Clay Kurkechian

Yesterday Tony, Richard and Sabrina came out to visit the Pontiac site. I’m sure they only came for our Taco Tuesday safety lunch but I was still able to get them out to a few of the jobs we have going on here at Pontiac. The infamous Tommy G (Tom Gianino) was our tour guide for the day and he did an excellent job of explaining the projects and the different tricks and techniques used to complete the job efficiently and effectively. We started off by visiting two of the three concrete stair pours we have going on around building A. One of the stairs was poured on Saturday and the guys were out there putting the finishing touches on it, rounding the edges of the step and patching any imperfections. The second set of stairs was being formed up while we were out there and getting ready for the pour which is happening this morning.

We are also in the process of demoing out a portion of curbs around the campus and pouring new ones. The curbs were pretty beat up mainly due to the plow trucks coming through and hitting them with the blade. Below you’ll see a section of curb that we poured.

Our next stop was the start/stop project we have going on. Start/stop is a testing room and we are currently in the process of “bullet proofing” the room. You’ll see in the picture below that we are installing wire mesh on the walls that will eventually have drywall over it. As for the CMU walls in the room, we will drill holes in the block and fill the openings with a grout to ensure that we have a rock solid wall.

After the walk, we headed back to the trailer for Taco Tuesday! This was a cool opportunity to meet and talk with all of the subs and GM personnel that we interact with on a daily basis. After lunch it was back to work for me and Tony, Richard and Sabrina headed back down to Detroit. It was a good day!

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