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Week 7-WTC-Mike Orosey

Never a dull week when working at the WTC!  The learning that I have received this summer has definitely made me more confident in the construction industry.  I can honestly say that I will be heading back to school at the end of the summer with a pep in my step.  The week started with a walkthrough meeting with regards to an electrical issue that needed to be addressed with a new chamber that Ideal Contracting installed at the AEC building.  I feel fortunate every time I have the opportunity to enter the AEC building because of the technology that GM uses in order to test their up and coming vehicles.  On Tuesday, I joined the interns down at Ideal’s headquarters to go over a plan to construct a pavilion over an existing concrete slab that is located at Scarcyny Park.  This was a great opportunity for the interns to come together and devise a plan in which this potential pavilion will serve the community.  This project will set the tone for future interns so they can come up with ideas to construct something that will also give back to the community and put their name on something, as well as marketing the Ideal Contracting brand.

The photo shown above was taken at Scarcyny Park with one of my fellow interns, Tony Saucedo.  Great guy, but go green!


After the walkthrough, I returned back to the WTC.  I was tasked in writing a DCR for a problem at dock 14 with regards to the Cadillac building.  Ideal Contracting is currently tasked with caulking the exterior of this building.  This formal DCR described how the steel header has pulled away and is hanging below the pre cast concrete.  The steel siding material has also pulled away from the side of dock 14 and the bottom portion of the concrete has busted away and poses a problem that can potentially undermine the structural integrity of the building.  Unfortunately, this is a problem that will not be included in the scope of work for the caulking project and will most likely be taken care of at a later date.  The photo below was taken during the investigation of the dock 14 problem.


Also on Tuesday, I was able to visit the 7000 building with Ideal Contracting’s superintendent, Mike Torres.  I got to see the extensive additions of switch gear that are going to be installed and the enormous amount of electrical work that is going to take place at this portion of the building.  Furthermore, the following day I received three reviewed submittals back from Ghafari with regards to the site curtain wall lobbies that I have been involved with this summer.  It’s always good news when the submittals get reviewed and approved so the subs can begin ordering and planning for their potential construction of their assigned portion of a job.  In the morning the Ideal team sat down for their weekly progress meeting pertaining to the executive garage repair and the engineering underpass repair.  One issue with the engineering underpass repair, involves the installation of new pumps that will reduce the risk of potential flood.  In order to install the pumps, workers will be in a confined space and new GM safety protocol requires a confined space rescue team to be onsite at all times during the pump installation.  The problem is that there are few companies that offer this type of service and they must be approved and meet GM’s safety requirements before going on site.  In addition, I had my first kick off meeting with regards to the 2nd floor Man C noise control project that I have been in charge of.  This was a great opportunity to get my feet wet with one of the tasks that a project manager is in charge with.  I was able to go over the scope of work and safety requirements that will be pertinent to this job.  In order for this job to get completed, a shut down will be necessary.  So I needed to get John E. Green to create a USR for a scheduled date that was discussed in the meeting.  John E. Green will be able to relocate two fire heads and Motor City will be able to relocate two duplex receptacles during this shut down. I still have a lot to learn, but I love the responsibility that has been given to me for this particular job and gives me great pleasure having the opportunity to be somewhat in charge of a project.  Furthermore, I had to write formal contracts that were sent out to the separate subs that will be involved on this Man C noise control job.  These contracts give overview to the scope of work that is necessary for completion of this job and any liability issues that fall under the duties of each sub.

The photo above was taken of me heading my first kick off meeting.

Later on in the day I was able to visit several of our sites at the WTC.  Please see the photos below that were taken during my site visits.

This photo above was taken of the construction progress at the 7000 building.

This photo above was taken of the construction that is currently on going at VEC mock up.

This photo above was a great shot taken of an iron worker who is repairing the damaged column at VEC mock up before this column will eventually be encapsulated in concrete.



I’d also like to share a photo that was taken during the morning “stretch and flex” that captures an epic yawn, which is shown below.

On Friday, I decided to sport my Hawaiian shirt in support of jobbie nooner.  Just kidding, but the photo taken below was a great shot taken by my supervisor, Gus Cerku.  Members of Ideal Contracting sometimes sport Hawaiian shirts on Friday’s.



Furthermore, I was tasked in sending over noise reduction options over to the GM reps with regards to a noise control problem at the site ops command center.  Ideal proposes installation of acoustical wall panels and hanging overhead ceiling clouds in order to combat the noise problem.  Another option that is available, is the installing white noise boxes in the command center.  The GM reps then chose what type of ceiling cloud they liked and then I was tasked in finding out the lead time for acquiring the type of ceiling cloud they liked.  I was also tasked in finding out the lead time for the white noise boxes.  Towards the end of the day on Friday, I had to write another DCR for an issue in removing and replacing VAV boxes at the 7000 building.  The plans only show the removal and replacement of one VAV box at the 7000 building.  The clarification that was needed was the issue that there is more than just one VAV box that is unaccounted for and not visible on the plans.  Ideal Contracting will need to know if we will be removing and replacing the other VAV boxes that aren’t represented on the original plans.  I am continuing to receive amazing exposure into the construction industry and I am loving every moment of this internship opportunity with Ideal Contracting.  Thanks again to every one from the Ideal team for helping me out this week.  Until next week!

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