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Week 7 – MPG – Milkey

We are continuing to receive numerous jobs, Both to quote and bid but also PO’s from GM meaning that the funding is in place and we can no proceed with the work! It is very interesting to see all the work that is coming to us, I am very curious as to how we will get it all done during the shutdown week but with the superintendents we have on site I have great confidence they will get it done!

Tuesday we met as a group of interns to discuss the project we would like to complete to give back to the community. We walked through Scarcny Park and decided to construct a pavilion over the empty concrete slab that is in place right now. A large part of our discussion was how we can utilize products that Ideal produces and incorporate them into our project. Some examples include utilizing Shield for some coverings, Steel for some fabrication of beams, and Contracting for some laborers and operators during the construction. It was nice meeting with everyone as we not only talked about the project but also discussed what is happening on our job sites and the fun things we have either seen or done.

I had the opportunity to test drive one of the excavators that was brought to us to use for some roadwork we will be performing over shutdown! It was a very nice machine and was definitely an upgrade from the ones I have used in the past! This excavator had some features such as Air Conditioning, Radio, and a computer interface to assist the operator. It was a very nice ride and hopefully I can jump back in the cab at some other point this summer!

Testing out the Volvo excavator that was brought on site this week!


I had heard some rumors surrounding last weeks post that maybe one day we will get some Ideal sponsored Hawaiian shirts, which in fact would become my new official grilling shirt.  I am excited to go to work every day hoping that my Inbox will ding at some point saying that an order has been placed… a man can dream!

I talked with Dylan about stopping by his site in early august at the DEC, then I also mentioned something to Mike of going out to WTC and see what new and exciting things are happening out there. Hope all is well with everyone else and I look forward to the next time we meet!


Stay Safe,

Andrew Milkey

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