Week 6 – Flint M5- Chelsey Bejarano

Thus far working for Ideal Contracting has been an amazing learning experience. I have been able to learn so much about steel erection from my supervisor Mark McCrindle and superintendent Tony Poma. Unfortunately our job has been delayed for about a month and a half due to engineering issues. We have been kept busy with extras coming from Barton Malow and GM and miscellaneous packages for the body shop.

My first few weeks on the job went by so quick. I was able to cut a truss with a torch and I was able to weld a few plates as well. I was also able to help with a few columns that were being erected for a small miscellaneous job. While doing that I learned how dangerous it can be if you stand on the wrong side of a beam/column while it is being lifted.  I was able to get a good feel of the job site and understand what everything is.

This week we finally got a date on when we will start erecting steel for the General Assembly building which will be the last week in June. The 150 ton Crane was delivered and set up and is now ready to go. I was also able to follow Ray Perkins who is a safety rep for GM and learn how safety is critical for our job site. Due to the loss of David I have been recruited to help with SAP and change orders. These are vital to the job because they how we get paid and justify costs.








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